Job Fair Triumph in Rangpur: Connecting Community Paramedics with Employment Opportunities

Job Fair Triumph in Rangpur: Connecting Community Paramedics with Employment Opportunities Following a successful job fair in Sylhet, Shomvob Jobs hosted another event on July 6th, 2024, at the RDRS Guest House in Rangpur. In our country, where job opportunities are limited despite many skilled individuals, job fairs like these are crucial for bridging the gap and helping job seekers overcome significant challenges. Recognizing this need, the fair specifically focused on creating job opportunities for primary healthcare workers, particularly Community Paramedics. Shomvob Jobs, in collaboration with ASTHA-Swisscontact, took a significant step towards improving healthcare in Rangpur and surrounding areas by organizing this event. The Civil Surgeon of Rangpur, Dr. Md. Wazed Ali, was present at the event as the chief guest. He emphasized the importance of investing in trained healthcare personnel who possess practical knowledge, highlighting the need to employ skilled healthcare workers. Dr. Ali also emphasized the significance of placing Community Paramedics in various sectors to enhance healthcare services effectively. Dr. Md. Ruhul Amin, Deputy Civil Surgeon of Rangpur, also attended as a special guest and expressed optimism regarding the job prospects for Community Paramedics. He emphasized his belief that these healthcare professionals would secure positions that match their skills and qualifications. The event featured participation from over 250 Community Paramedics and 16 healthcare organizations, including prominent names such as Labaid Limited, Update Diagnostic, Renaissance Hospital, Social Development Rural Society (SRDS), and others. After completing secondary school (SSC), individuals undergo a two-year full-time ‘Community Paramedic’ course, which includes a six-month internship at a recognized public hospital. Graduates are designated as Community Paramedics. Oversight of the Community Paramedic course is provided by the Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council. In addition to independently providing healthcare services, Community Paramedics actively participate in local government healthcare initiatives. Farzana Amin, Team Leader of the ASTHA Team at Swisscontact Bangladesh, was present and shared her enthusiasm: “We are proud to contribute to the development of the healthcare sector through this fair. Our collaboration with Shomvob Jobs is making a real difference by providing platforms for Community Paramedics to find career opportunities.”Hasibur Rahman, Co-founder and COO of Shomvob Jobs, focused on the importance of such job fairs: “These job fairs are not only vital for connecting job seekers with potential employers but also play a crucial role in helping candidates present themselves professionally. By assisting job seekers in creating professional CVs, we enhance their chances of securing employment and advancing their careers.” One of the job seekers, who is a newly certified Community Paramedic, shared her experience from the job fair: “Finding a job after completing my course was challenging. This job fair gave me hope and the opportunity to meet multiple employers at one place. Shomvob’s assistance in creating my CV was invaluable. I am optimistic about securing a position in the healthcare industry soon.” This job fair underscores the significant role such events play in tackling unemployment and enhancing healthcare services in Bangladesh. Moving forward, they plan to organize similar job fairs in various districts across the country, ensuring broader reach and impact. With numerous job-offers likely resulting from the fair, the event marked a substantial step towards improving employment rates and healthcare quality in the Rangpur region and beyond.

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Community Paramedics Job Fair in Sylhet: A Buzzing Success in Recruitment Process in the Health Sector of Bangladesh

Community Paramedics Job Fair in Sylhet: A Buzzing Success in Recruitment Process in the Health Sector of Bangladesh A job fair was held at the Hafij Complex on 18 May 2024 in Sylhet, aimed to bridge the gap between the Community Paramedics and healthcare service providers of Sylhet. In developing countries like Bangladesh, ‘job fairs’ continuously contribute as a means of employment generation. Realizing this importance, this fair is organized to create employment for primary healthcare workers.  Deputy Civil surgeon of Sylhet, Mr.  Dutta, was present at the event as chief guest. Shomvob Jobs, in collaboration with ASTHA and Swisscontact Bangladesh, financed by Novartis International, took a significant step towards improving healthcare in Sylhet and surrounding areas by organizing this event. Over 300 Community Paramedics and more than 15 healthcare service providers participated in the fair. After passing SSC, students who successfully completed two years full time ‘Community Paramedic’ course including six months internship from any reputed hospital are called Community Paramedics. Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council provides overall supervision of the Community Paramedic Course. In addition to providing healthcare on their own initiatives, the Community Paramedics are also involved with government healthcare programs at the local level. During the Covid-19 outbreak, Community Paramedics have been providing healthcare on a voluntary basis at various community clinics. They also participate in different day celebrations including disaster relief, vaccination programs organized by government.   The Deputy Civil Surgeon of Sylhet graced the fair with his presence and thanked the organisers and urged for more initiatives such as this in the future. He said, “Bangladesh has come a long way in the health sector। However, unfortunately many healthcare institutions recruit unskilled workers. I think if all these institutions employ skilled Community Paramedics, then community people will get better healthcare service. This job fair is an important platform to connect job seekers and employers in the health sector. I would like this fair not to end here, but to be organized on a bigger scale every year. I wish all round success of this initiative.”  Employers participating in the fair, especially Shakti Foundation, Marie Stopes Bangladesh, Imperial Hospital, SSKS, FPAV, Norland were satisfied with the overall arrangement and found the fair very fruitful. SSKS executive said, “We have hired community paramedics before. However, Shomvob Jobs makes the recruitment process easier for us. 3 community paramedics are working in our institution, and they are rendering service with great efficiency and dedication. We are very optimistic about community paramedics.”  Farzana Amin, Team Leader of Astha Team, Swisscontact Bangladesh, is very happy to work with Shomvob Jobs in organizing the fair. She said, “We are proud to contribute to the development of the healthcare sector of the country through this fair.”  At its core, Shomvob Jobs is more than just a platform; it aspires to be the foremost destination in Bangladesh for professional networking and career opportunities. By fostering meaningful relationships and unlocking new avenues across different sectors, Shomvob Jobs aims to empower both individuals and organizations alike. 

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Shomvob successfully connects employers with potential employees through its innovative pilot placement program

Shomvob successfully connects employers with potential employees through its innovative pilot placement program Shomvob has recently run a pilot for the placement purpose of the low-income women to try a different approach for their placement. Shomvob has attempted to include the local employers to its slum training program this time with an expectation that the low income womens’ need as well as the employers’ demand can be mutually met instantly. The event had been taken place with 47 low income & low skilled women from a slum in Mohammadpur of Bangladesh. The employers were the owner of local food shops where they needed an employee for cooking and making cooking arrangements on urgent basis individually. The total event was for long two hours along with a one-hour training session and an hour of recruitment process. 2 women got selected for the vacant positions for both the employers after the event instantly. Shomvob wants to thank all the participants who was interested and enthusiastic to attend the training session and wants to thank the employers who could manage time to attend the event within such a short period of time. The pilot run by Shomvob was a great success and Shomvob team plans to organise such event in broader aspect in near future for upskilling and creating employment opportunities for these low-income & low-skilled women.  Shomvob Technologies Ltd. recently piloted a unique approach to job placement for low-income women in Bangladesh. This innovative program aimed to bridge the gap between the needs of employers and the skills of unemployed women by directly connecting them through a targeted training and recruitment event.  The event, held in Mohammadpur, Bangladesh, brought together 47 low-income and low-skilled women from a local slum with local food shop owners seeking to fill urgent vacancies for cooks and kitchen assistants. Shomvob’s initiative comprised a two-hour program featuring a one-hour training session designed to equip participants with relevant skills and an hour dedicated to a streamlined recruitment process. The program’s success is evident – two women secured employment opportunities on the spot, perfectly matching the needs of the participating employers.  Shomvob extends its gratitude to all participants who demonstrated keen interest and enthusiasm throughout the training session. Appreciation is also due to the local food shop owners who dedicated valuable time to attend the event on short notice. This pilot program serves as a resounding success for Shomvob. The Shomvob team is committed to expanding this initiative on a broader scale in the near future. By offering upskilling opportunities and facilitating employment placements, Shomvob empowers low-income and low-skilled women, paving the way for a brighter future.   

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Beyond the Job Search: Shomvob’s Program Opens Doors for Women in Healthcare

Beyond the Job Search: Shomvob’s Program Opens Doors for Women in Healthcare On April 22nd, 2024, a wave of excitement filled the halls of Dynamic Nursing College in Dhaka. Shomvob, a non-profit organization dedicated to women’s empowerment through skills development, launched its Employability Skills Training program. This program wasn’t about just finding any job; it aimed to revolutionize job opportunities for women in the healthcare sector, redefining career paths and igniting futures. Shomvob’s Mission: Empowering Women in Healthcare Shomvob’s mission was clear: to propel women’s healthcare careers to new heights. This program went beyond securing jobs; it unlocked a world of possibilities for personal and professional growth within a traditionally male-dominated field. An Immersive Journey of Growth The Employability Skills Training program was meticulously crafted to be an immersive learning experience. Each session was designed to equip participants, especially women, with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in the competitive healthcare job market. Developing Confidence and Skills Participants received personalized career development guidance to navigate their chosen paths effectively. With a focus on empowering women, the program offered specialized training on breaking gender barriers, fostering leadership skills, and overcoming challenges specific to women in healthcare. From crafting compelling resumes to mastering interview techniques, participants gained the confidence to showcase their strengths in a male-dominated field. Building a Supportive Sisterhood This program wasn’t just about individual progress; it fostered a strong community among women. Networking events and interactive sessions provided a platform for connection, experience sharing, and mentorship. This supportive ecosystem empowered women and bolstered their confidence to pursue healthcare careers. Bridging the Gap The program addressed the unique challenges women face when job hunting in healthcare. Participants gained insights into industry trends and employer expectations, learning strategies to bridge the gender gap in recruitment and advancement. Armed with this knowledge, women could strategically tailor job applications, positioning themselves as strong contenders for traditionally male-dominated roles. Standing Out from the Crowd A key feature of the program was crafting compelling healthcare resumes. Participants learned the art of storytelling, using powerful language and impactful narratives to captivate potential employers. Through workshops and practical exercises, they honed their resume-writing skills, ensuring their profiles stood out from the competition. A Lasting Impact As the program concluded, the energy was palpable, especially among the women. They left with a newfound sense of empowerment, equipped with the skills, confidence, and determination to pursue their healthcare career aspirations. For Shomvob, it was a testament to the transformative power of education and opportunity in breaking down barriers and promoting gender equality in healthcare. Empowering women in healthcare is not just about finding jobs; it’s about opening doors to a world of possibilities. Shomvob’s Training Program at Dynamic Nursing College is a prime example of this impact.  Inspired? Shomvob is always seeking new partners and participants for its programs. Visit our website Shomvob to learn more.

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Empowering the Frontlines: Shomvob and Swisscontact ASTHA Join Forces for Community Paramedics

Empowering the Frontlines: Shomvob and Swisscontact ASTHA Join Forces for Community Paramedics Shomvob Technologies Ltd is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Swisscontact Bangladesh’s ASTHA project to empower frontline healthcare professionals, particularly community paramedics. This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to support Bangladesh’s healthcare sector. National Dialogue: Addressing Challenges, Creating Opportunities The collaboration kicked off with a National Consultative Meeting on December 2nd, 2023, at Jalsha Hall, Hotel Sarina, Dhaka. This event served as a platform for open discussion on the challenges and opportunities faced by community paramedics in today’s healthcare landscape. Shomvob and ASTHA representatives provided valuable insights into the current market scenario and presented innovative employment opportunities for community paramedics. Stakeholders from 23 national and international organizations actively participated in the meeting, fostering an enriching exchange of ideas. Feedback and Collaboration for a Brighter Future The open discussion session proved invaluable. We received insightful feedback and recommendations from attendees, which will be instrumental in enhancing our offerings and better serving the needs of frontline healthcare professionals. Special Thanks: A Collaborative Triumph We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Fazle Razik, Ms. Farzana Amin, Mr. Rezaul Karim, and the entire ASTHA team at Swisscontact Bangladesh. Their expertise and dedication significantly enriched the workshop and solidified the foundation for a successful collaboration. Looking Forward: Lasting Impact Through Shomvob App This partnership with ASTHA marks a crucial step forward in our mission to empower frontline healthcare professionals and make a positive impact on their careers. We are committed to working together to create lasting and valuable change through the Shomvob App.  Shomvob remains dedicated to developing innovative solutions and empowering healthcare professionals across Bangladesh. Stay tuned for further updates on our collaborative initiatives and the positive changes we aim to bring to the healthcare industry.

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Shomvob Jobs: Empowering Bangladesh’s Workforce Through Innovative Training

Shomvob Jobs: Empowering Bangladesh’s Workforce Through Innovative Training On a bustling day in March 2024, the Bangladesh Industrial Technical Assistance Center (BITAC) witnessed the launch of a groundbreaking initiative – the Shomvob Jobs program. This program isn’t your typical job training. It’s a future-focused development platform designed to tackle the evolving challenges of Bangladesh’s workforce.  Adapting to a Changing Landscape The job market is a living organism, constantly shifting and demanding new skillsets. Shomvob Jobs recognizes this fluidity. The program meticulously crafts modules to bridge the gap between what employers seek and what job seekers possess.  Building the Right Skills Imagine a learning environment that not only hones technical skills but also keeps you on the pulse of industry trends. That’s exactly what Shomvob Jobs offers. Participants delve deep into various sectors, gaining valuable insights and mastering the specific skillsets employers are looking for. More Than Just Skills Shomvob Jobs goes beyond technical expertise. The program fosters critical thinking and problem-solving through interactive discussions, case studies, and real-world simulations. Participants are encouraged to embrace a growth mindset, continuously learning and upskilling to stay relevant in a dynamic job market.  Your Career, Your Roadmap Shomvob Jobs isn’t just about landing a job, it’s about building a sustainable career. The program offers personalized career counseling, helping participants identify their strengths, explore their interests, and chart a strategic course for their professional journey.  Setting Ambitious Goals  This program encourages participants to map out not just immediate objectives, but their entire career trajectories. By envisioning their ideal career path and setting ambitious yet achievable goals, participants gain a clear sense of purpose and direction. 

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