Shomvob successfully connects employers with potential employees through its innovative pilot placement program

Shomvob has recently run a pilot for the placement purpose of the low-income women to try a different approach for their placement. Shomvob has attempted to include the local employers to its slum training program this time with an expectation that the low income womens need as well as the employers demand can be mutually met instantly. The event had been taken place with 47 low income & low skilled women from a slum in Mohammadpur of Bangladesh. The employers were the owner of local food shops where they needed an employee for cooking and making cooking arrangements on urgent basis individually. The total event was for long two hours along with a one-hour training session and an hour of recruitment process. 2 women got selected for the vacant positions for both the employers after the event instantly. Shomvob wants to thank all the participants who was interested and enthusiastic to attend the training session and wants to thank the employers who could manage time to attend the event within such a short period of time. The pilot run by Shomvob was a great success and Shomvob team plans to organise such event in broader aspect in near future for upskilling and creating employment opportunities for these low-income & low-skilled women. 

Shomvob Technologies Ltd. recently piloted a unique approach to job placement for low-income women in Bangladesh. This innovative program aimed to bridge the gap between the needs of employers and the skills of unemployed women by directly connecting them through a targeted training and recruitment event. 

The event, held in Mohammadpur, Bangladesh, brought together 47 low-income and low-skilled women from a local slum with local food shop owners seeking to fill urgent vacancies for cooks and kitchen assistants. Shomvob’s initiative comprised a two-hour program featuring a one-hour training session designed to equip participants with relevant skills and an hour dedicated to a streamlined recruitment process. The program’s success is evident – two women secured employment opportunities on the spot, perfectly matching the needs of the participating employers. 

Shomvob extends its gratitude to all participants who demonstrated keen interest and enthusiasm throughout the training session. Appreciation is also due to the local food shop owners who dedicated valuable time to attend the event on short notice. This pilot program serves as a resounding success for Shomvob. The Shomvob team is committed to expanding this initiative on a broader scale in the near future. By offering upskilling opportunities and facilitating employment placements, Shomvob empowers low-income and low-skilled women, paving the way for a brighter future.